Day rates

Basic day rates
My basic day rate is between £600 and £800 per day. It is from £350 per half day (up to 3 1/2 hrs). Hourly rates are £120 per hour. All prices are exclusive of expenses like travel, accommodation etc. It is best to get a quote before commencing any work. I am happy to offer a competitive rate-email me with your ideas.

For all commercial image/s used that have been granted a license/s by Tim Gartside or Yvonne Gartside whether online, on websites or printed material there is a minimum price of £250. I am happy to negotiate any price deals for multiple images and/or uses. The price will increase from £250 depending on size, position (i.e.. home page web or front cover magazine etc) and duration of license required. Please email me for a quote. All Copyright Infringements will be dealt with at a minimum of £500 and upwards per image. Damages will be added for (but not limited to) theft/unauthorised use, altering the image and/or not attributing my name to the image. Any invoice/verbal discounts given are at my discretion and can be revoked at any time without warning. Discounts will be removed for late payment where additional costs are involved recovering any debts. Removal of digital image copyright metadata is an offence under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 Part VII, Chapter 2, section 376. Other company names / trademarks / logos mentioned on this site are the trademarks / copyright of their respective owners. Such metadata removal will incur a minimum cost of an ADDITIONAL £500 per image as well as all other costs.