Print prices

How much does a print cost?
Please note; the © copyright symbol on each photo will be removed on the final print. It simply stops unlawful downloading and misuse of website photo's!

All images are printed using hi res files and the quality will be far superior to the small thumbnail view you see on screen

There are two categories to chose from.

Canvas prints have the same feel and quality of paintings, printed onto canvas using archival inks that should last for many years to come ( about 70-100 years according to tests),stretched onto a wooden frame and are very comparable to traditional colour prints for archival quality.

Traditional paper prints are printed onto various surfaces from high gloss to a matte finish. I print using a matte finish (on high quality paper) unless specified by you, the fine art print buyer! Matte papers are generally deemed to have better archival qualities than gloss and don't cause the same reflection problems when mounted behind glass.

Open edition prints OE
The smaller sizes are Open Editions (ie. no limit on numbers printed) and the price reflects this and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition prints LE
Limited Edition prints are strictly limited to 25 per size and come with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Box set

A special box set of 10 A4 prints of your choice is available from the Open Edition series of Giclee prints. This is priced at £180/$240 which is approx 30% discount over individual prices.

For corporate or larger orders please e-mail your details

Canvas Prices

16 x 12" (40 x 30 cm) £100.00 $140.00 OE
24 x 16" (60 x 40 cm) £140.00 $190.00 OE
24 x 24" (61 x 61 cm) £200.00 $260.00 OE
30 x 20" (76 x 51 cm) £280.00 $375.00 OE
36 x 24" (91 x 61 cm) £350.00 $455.00 LE
36 x 36" (91 x 91 cm) £400.00 $530.00 LE

Canvas sides can be black or white

Fine Art Paper (Giclee) Print Prices

A4 11.5 x 8.5" (30 x 21cm) £25.00 $33.00 OE
A3 16.5 x 12" (40 x 30 cm) £50.00 $65.00 OE
A2 23.5 x 16" (59 x 42 cm) £200.00 $260.00 LE
A1 33 x 23.5" (84 x 59 cm) £350.00 $480.00 LE

Prices on request for larger sizes.

Cards and postcards

We can produce small print runs of cards, mixed or all the same. These are left blank for your own use. Each card will be signed inside, front or on the back. Each card comes with an envelope, transparent sealed cover and authenticity certificate.

1 card A5 £8.00
5 cards A5 £30 (£6 each)
10 cards A5 £50.00 (£5 each)
20 cards A5 £80.00 (£4 each)
35+ cards A5 £3.80 each

Prints will have a small white border of 1 inch (25mm), larger border available on request. Please note several different camera formats have been used so print sizes are approximate. A precise measurement can be e-mailed upon request.

Please note panoramic prints will vary in width depending on the height chosen.
All prints come with a certificate of authenticity and a guide on caring for your prints.

Postage and packaging are extra and will vary depending on size and weight. All giclee prints are sent in a strong cardboard tube by Special Delivery in the UK or by courier elsewhere.

Ordering is via e-mail (you can also telephone with questions +44 7986 872279) and payment by Pay Pal or Bank Transfer.

For all commercial image/s used that have been granted a license/s by Tim Gartside or Yvonne Gartside whether online, on websites or printed material there is a minimum price of £250. I am happy to negotiate any price deals for multiple images and/or uses. The price will increase from £250 depending on size, position (i.e.. home page web or front cover magazine etc) and duration of license required. Please email me for a quote. All Copyright Infringements will be dealt with at a minimum of £500 and upwards per image. Damages will be added for (but not limited to) theft/unauthorised use, altering the image and/or not attributing my name to the image. Any invoice/verbal discounts given are at my discretion and can be revoked at any time without warning. Discounts will be removed for late payment where additional costs are involved recovering any debts.