looking after your prints

hints on how to look after your newly acquired fine art prints
Looking after your prints

Whatever type of print you buy you should follow these common sense guidelines to make sure your precious prints stay precious!

Do not display in bright sun as the UV rays are detrimental to inks in the long term. Some colours like yellow will fade more readily creating a faded blue image. Hang your pictures in a shaded area lit by diffused lighting.

Keep away from any chemicals, like hairspray or cooking fumes, which can cause damage.

Use PH neutral 'acid free' mount board for paper prints for maximum protection.

Use UV resistant glass when mounting paper prints to help prolong your images. Make sure the frame is sealed with PH neutral tape on the back.

Unless specified, print runs do NOT have any limited numbers. Please see my Limited Edition Print section for images that are being marketed as Limited Editions. These will cost more as the numbers are strictly limited.